Sunday, 7 February 2010

The end

Ok ive been mulling over this for a while and im leaving blogger.I will leave TAFG and Simply sci fi and close them in a few days if i havent changed my mind.I will still be on blogger and will continue to visit all your blogs especically Nebula One, Whoviavortrex and Doctor Who Time Vortex. I will be back on blogger in the future probibly but not with these blogs.Thanks to all that have helped over the few months.
Square eyes :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

A few corrie spoliers for you....

Tony Gordon will be back! Kim Crowther (Producer) "It'll be in the spring, around May. We'll see that while he's been locked up he's gone through quite a lot psychologically. Has he had a breakdown in the period since we last saw him? He's certainly got a plan again. He doesn't settle for things when he's not in control of them so you put Tony Gordon in a corner and he comes out with a plan."

Details of Molvin affair.Kim Crowther:"There are so many twists and turns in this story and we don't pull any punches, it is very exciting and there are massive repercussions! Well, if Molly were to think she might be pregnant since splitting with Tyrone, how would she feel about that? And where would that take all of the key players in their current situation? That's something we explore."

Lesbian story for Sian and Sophie.Kim Crowther:"Well, the story of Sophie's sexuality is a big and ongoing story which starts properly in April but will develop over the rest of the year. This is not something we deal with lightly and I just want to add that she remains a Christian throughout, too." What will Rosie have to say!

PS Rita lovers will be glad that shes back and the press office have said that Barabara Knox who plays her will not be leaving as rumoured.Gail McIntyre will also play a big part in this years 50th anniversary story and a funeral for Blanche will be held with the return of killer Tracy!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

TV history: 1994

1994 hey what a year! The National lottery was launched here in Blighty the worlds first Satallite channel waas launched,the channel tunnel opened, The Lion King made cinema visiters shed a tear and Lisa Presely Married Michael Jackson. I dont remember any of this because i was 0 years old at the time. Anyway heres the important stuff TV!!!

Babylon 5-The Sci Fi series made its debut and continued to run for 5 seasons.
Room 101- The comedy show where guests chat with Paul merton about the things they loathe aired on BB2
TOTP2- The music show with classic songs made its first appearance this year.
Friends- Hard to belive isnt it 1994 was the year Friends started.Imagine life without Friends!
SMart-The art show that inspired us to get out the sticky back plastic and paintbrushes aired on BBC1.
Ready Steady Cook- Fern Britton hosted this coooking show before Ainsley in 1994 when it started.

Rugrats-Yes the show about talking babies which i loved and secretly still do finished.It returned in 97 though
Jim'll Fix it-"Hows about that then" Jimmy Saville did his last fix in 94.

John Candy, comedian and actor
Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the United States
Roy Castle, Presenter and Doctor Who actor (Thanks Nebula!)
Peter Cushing.

TV history month begins!

Yes it starts now! There will be a post with details of a years TV and moemorable moments starting with 1994 and ending with 2009.Also there will be other special posts and polls as usual enjoy!