Sunday, 27 December 2009

TV Spotlight: Outnumberd Christmas Special

This year the Christmas special's have been a bit hit and miss.We had the suprisingly hilarious "The Royle Family" and the flamin awful "Victoria Woods Midlife Christmas" so hopefully Outnumbered will finnish the Yuletide season off well.

It's Boxing Day in the Brockman household. Santa has visited but, unfortunately, so has a burglar. Sharp seven-year-old Karen (Ramona Marquez), forever preoccupied with the little things in life, is obsessing about a missing hamster, while destructive Ben (Daniel Roche) has fun with a mechanical hand. Eldest son Jake (Tyger Drew-Honey) is, meanwhile, helping his mum to find a wandering aged relative. A new series starts early next year.

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