Friday, 18 December 2009

Wogan and O'Grady leave shows

Today sees a sad day in broadcasting history.This morning Sir Terry Wogan waved goodbye to his morning Radio 2 weekday slot after a staggering 27 years on the airwaves and Paul O'Grady left his 5:00pm show on Channel 4. Terry closed today's programme by telling his listeners that "the years together with you have not only been a pleasure but a privilege".Wogan also expressed his hope that the breakfast audience will welcome new host Chris Evans "with the same generosity of spirit that you've always shown me". In February, Wogan will return to Radio 2 to host a new Sunday show.

Paul O'Grady pays tribute to his viewers at the end of the show by saying "I just wanted to say thank you, all of you. This has been the best job in my life. I've been through a lot. My partner dying, my dog dying, two heart attacks. Becoming a granddad!"I've been through so much but I have to thank you, my audience, you've got me through. You've been great with all your letters and emails. My crew, everyone in the office, they are brilliant."The Birkenhead-born star is leaving Channel 4 to launch a new primetime Friday night programme on ITV1 next year.Terry we will miss your dulcet tones in the morning and Paul we will miss you'r comedy and not so dulcet tones in the afternoon.

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