Sunday, 20 December 2009

TV Spotlight:The Fattest Man in Britain

A new ITV one off comedy drama hits our screens tonight at 9:00pm and features the acting talents of Timothy Spall and Bobby Ball one half of Cannon and Ball.

Morris Morrissey (Bobby Ball) is a part time taxi driver and full-time personal manager to the one and only Georgie Godwin (Timothy Spall), who is convinced he holds the title of 'Fattest Man In Britain'. Combining both his roles, Morris keeps Georgie well fed and watered then brings taxi loads of tourists to gawp at the "eighth wonder of the world". It's 23 years since Georgie left his house and he relies on Morris and Janice to survive.

 Morris engineers Georgie a shot at the big time when he is asked to take part in a live weigh off with his rival Big Brian on the local TV news. Georgie sets about gorging on food like he has never done so before and is helped along by his friends and neighbours who bring him a steady stream of meals and snacks - from curries and samosas to lemon meringue pies and bags of broken biscuits.

Will Georgie reign triumphant in the weigh in or will Big Brian take his title?

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