Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Comedian Profile:Rhod Gilbert

My fave comedian the welsh great RHOD GILBERT! He is king of the rant in  my book talking about everything that winds him up from TOG douvets to torches with the power of a  million candles. He is from Wales so i can identify with him about the comedy of the places he's been to people he's met.He has won a few awards 12 actually and is getting more popular all the time with the success of his first stand up DVD "The Award Winning Mince Pie" (i have my copy!) which saw Gilbert question his sanity, his career and his life after suffering a mental breakdown brought on by the award-winning mince pie at a motorway services.
He also hosts a BBC Wales Saturday Morning show where he rips into his listeners as they send in stupid messages to wind him up.He is also the creator of the fictional town of Llanbobl in Wales and he told people for years that he came from there! Rhod's new programme Rhod Gilberts Work Experience starts tonight on BBC1 Wales which sees him take on jobs tonight a refuse collector in Barry (Gavin and Stacey) where funnily enough i lived there for 12 years before moving just outside Barry.If you have Sky you might be able to get BBC Wales but if you live outside Wales and dont you wont get it!! Heres a clip of Rhod talking about a service stations. "I only went in for a shit and came out with a two man tent a directors chair and a torch with the power of a million candles!"

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