Sunday, 17 January 2010

Your Favourite comedy movie results...

The Hangover 0 (0%)
Borat 0 (0%)
Scary Movie 0 (0%)
Tropic Thunder 0 (0%)
The Simpsons Movie 1 (8%)
Hot Fuzz 1 (8%)
Superbad 1 (8%)
Zombieland 1 (8%
 Futurama TV Movies 3 (25%)
Shaun of the dead 5 (41%)

Shaun of the dead has come out on top! Yes it was a fierce battle beetween Futurama and SOTD but you have spoken. The ones who didnt have any votes were pretty rubbish anyway i mean Borat is one of the worst films i have seen and ive never liked the Scary Movie spoof films.I think The simpsons Movie and Hot Fuzz are pretty good films and maybe should have had a few votes more but overall im leaed with your decision.Thanks to the 12 of you who voted!

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