Sunday, 10 January 2010

You'r favourite comedian results

Sean Lock 0 (0%)

Charlie Brooker 0 (0%)
Jimmy Carr 3 (23%)
Rhod Gilbert 3 (23%)
Peter Kay 4 (30%)
Frankie Boyle 4 (30%)
David Mitchell 5 (38%)
Michael Mcintyre 5 (38%)
Lee Evans 6 (46%)
 Rob Brydon 7 (53%)

You lot have suprised me again.Rob Brydon is your winner for favourite comedian and as much as i like him for his role as Uncle Bryn i dont think he is by far the best.At first place i would have put Michael McIntyre who was one of the rising stars of 2009 and having seen him live in Cardiff i was in stiches.Lee Evans is a worthy second but ive never really liked him that much.I would have put Rhod Gilbert second because his rants are brilliant. Im suprised Sean or Charlie didnt get a vote but maybe they arnet on as many things as the others and arnet as well known.Thanks to the thirteen of you who voted and make sure you vote again in this weeks poll.

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