Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ross leaves the BBC

Jonathan Ross has announced that he is leaving the BBC after 13 years with the corporation.The presenter hosted his own BBC One talk show, Radio 2 slot and film reviews programme for the broadcaster and was one of its highest paid stars.Ross was suspended for 12 weeks in 2008 after leaving a series of obscene messages on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs during a radio show presented by Russell Brand.
In a statement, Ross said that he had decided not to renegotiate his contract when it ends in July and that his decision was not "financially motivated".Writing on his Twitter page this morning, Ross said: "Good morning. My day is turning out to be far more interesting then I had anticipated ! See you later - have a good one."
Earlier this week, tabloid reports suggested that Ross would lose his contract with the BBC, with speculation that his Friday night TV slot could be filled by Graham Norton, who recently signed a new £4 million deal with the broadcaster. I think Jonathan will seriously regret this decision just give it a few months.


Vortex said...

I really can't see wat all the fuss is about. He's annoying, overpaid and has no talent. £4 million could be better spent elsewhere! Good riddance Ross!

Please BBC bring in Tennant and Tate to fill his Radio show slot! They've already proven themselves to be good DJs!

Rant over. :P

Square Eyes said...

Yeah i thought Tennant And Tate (that sounds so good the Tennant and Tate show!!!!)where superb hosts and ive never really liked him hopefully he will be replaced by michael mcintyre who is rumoured. Thanks for the comment :)