Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Comedy Catchphrases

A catchphrase is a sure way to get your show some attention and the more people quote it the more popular your show becomes. A catchphrase from Little Britain has been voted the UK's favourite in an online poll. According to The Sun, Vicky Pollard's "Yeah but, no but..." topped the survey, ahead of Homer Simpson's "Doh!".Catherine Tate's schoolgirl Lauren took third place with "Am I bovvered?", followed by Victor Meldrew's "I don't believe it" and "Lovely jubbly" from Del Boy.Little Britain also claimed sixth and tenth place with "I'm a laydee" and "I'm the only gay in the village".These ones are obvious winners but my favourite quote not really a catchphrase comes from Homer Simpson "Ah Beer the answer and cause of all lifes problems."


Patar said...

Bite my shiny metal ass!! lol

Flick said...

Vicky Pollard is a legend!

Little Britain rocks

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Square Eyes said...

oh yes bender is full of classic catchphrases hes my hero! but hes not real :( oh well and little britain is a classic hope they dont make anymore and keep dragging it out